Flexi-Q eMU-P

This Electrical Multi-Use auto-injector comprises of a reusable driving unit and a disposable cassette, compatible with standard prefilled syringes containing biological drugs.


The Flexi-Q eMU-P is intended for use in chronic diseases that require frequent injections (e.g. multiple sclerosis, diabetes and growth hormone disorders).


The reusable design lowers the cost per injection and reduces the volume for storage and disposal.

Pharmaceutical Company Advantages
  • Electronic reusable driving unit
  • Unique disposable cassette incorporating a prefilled syringe for biological drugs
  • Easy to use interface - featuring an LCD screen and operating buttons
  • Automatic needle insertion
  • Controlled injection time between 3-100 seconds
  • Control of needle penetration depth between 6-12 mm
  • Fixed or variable delivery volumes:
    from 0.1 mL up to 1 mL in PFS
  • Drug recognition and safety improvement, using RFID technology
  • Compatible with injection of high-viscosity drugs
  • Drug delivery begins only after full needle penetration
  • Very quiet operation
  • Incorporated safety features with needle protection before and after injection, preventing needle-stick injuries
  • Includes calendar software for injection reminders and logs
  • Wireless transmission of injection data
  • Easy communication with PC (through Micro USB) for loading injection programs and reading injection logs
  • Smartphone design, suitable for pocket size:
    Length x Width x Height 120x60x20 mm
  • Rechargeable batteries – 30 injections per battery charge

This product is under development
See How it is Easy to Use
Watch Video
1. Insert disposable cassette into the reusable device
2. Remove Safety cover
3. Press Injector against skin and press Inject Button
4. Eject cassette and discard properly

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