Flexi-Q mMU

The Mechanical Multi-Use auto-injector features a reusable driving unit and a cost-effective, needle protection disposable cassette for use with standard pre-filled syringes and vials.


For use in chronic diseases that require frequent injections (e.g. multiple sclerosis).


The partially reusable design lowers the cost per injection and reduces the volume for storage and disposal.

Pharmaceutical Company Advantages


  • Reusable driving unit and disposable cassette for use with standard pre-filled syringes
  • Disposable cassette provides protection &safety to the glass pre-filled syringe
  • Automatic needle insertion with preset needle penetration depth (exact depth - TBD)
  • Automatic injection with preset injection speed (injection time - TBD)
  • Fixed delivery volumes (1.0 mL – or TBD)
  • Windows for visual inspection of the syringe content along the full length of the barrel

Selected customizable options of the disposable cassette

  • Unique cassette design incorporating a standard glass PFS of different manufacturers
  • Drug titration
  • Drug reconstitution and mixing from a vial using a vial adaptor
  • Drug reconstitution and mixing through dual-chamber prefilled syringe

The last two options permit reconstitution of hard-to-dissolve drugs by
allowing swirling and time delays followed by user inspection prior to injection

Patient Benefits

Ease of use – better patient compliance

  • Reduces needle phobia – by hiding the needle throughout the entire injection process
  • Simple user interface – no complicated dismantling or unscrewing operations
  • Quiet operation reduces patients’ anxiety and perceived pain
  • Controlled injection speed for increased comfort

Patient safety

  • Delivery of the entire dose – same dead space as with manual technique
  • Reduced skin reactions – injection starts only after full needle penetration
  • Incorporated safety features provide needle protection before and after injection, and preventing needle-sticks injuries


This product is under development
User Steps
Watch Video
1. Slide disposable cassette into the reusable device.
2. Remove Safety cover.
3. Press Injector against skin and press Inject Button. Hold injector still for 10 seconds. You will hear a click at the end of injection. You may also observe the piston reaching the end of the barrel.
4. Lift autoinjector from skin, fully remove the cassette and discard* properly.

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